Three New Inventions We Need in the Next Ten Years

Technology is an amazing, innovative thing. Always changing, always moving, always getting better and faster than before. We live in a world saturated by technology, and while we certainly could live with out it, for the most part, it makes much of our lives easier. For convenience’ sake alone, there are three inventions that someone must make within the next ten years in order to bring order to our world, and help make certain aspects of our lives even more convenient than they already are. Let’s take a look at what these three inventions ought to be:

1. Animal Communicator Collar


Everyone needs an animal communicator collar in their life, because who doesn’t want to talk to animals? I think this would be a fantastic invention, especially because it would help give me a little insight as to what goes on in my cat’s head. She’s sweet, but sometimes, she’s a bit of an oddball. One moment, she’ll walk up and bite me for no reason at all, and the next minute, she’s running around the apartment like mad. Who knows what she’s thinking sometimes? I sure don’t, but I know I would like to.

2. Shopping Carts with Brake Lights and Turn Signals

narrow aisles

Superstores give me anxiety, especially the large-scale ones that are national chains. The aisles are so narrow, and the shoppers always cluster so tightly together, that it’s often hard to move. With my social-awkwardness, I always feel like I would be considered “rude” if I asked someone to move so I could grab the item I needed, and because I’m more of a “get in, get what I need, pay, get out” type of person, I often walk much faster than the other shoppers. As a result of this, coupled with the narrow aisles, I often end up almost running into someone coming around the corner when I’m pushing my shopping cart? Why? Because nine times out of ten, you can’t see if anyone is coming, with the way the aisles are designed, or because the person in front of you will stop directly in the middle of the aisle without warning. Therefore, I think if we had brake lights we could activate on our shopping carts, as well as turn signals that make noise to indicate when someone in front of you or near you is turning, that would reduce the number of superstore accidents to virtually zero.

3. A Belt Wallet for Dresses

dress belt

Women often wear belts with their dresses for added fashion, but when we’re going somewhere like a concert, the club, or anywhere that doesn’t involve a lot of sitting, we don’t really want to bring our purses with us. A huge dilemma that I often run into is what to do with all my stuff that I need to bring with me when wearing a dress. I don’t want to bring my purse and have to leave it in the car, nor do I want to set it down somewhere and have someone walk off with it. Therefore, it would be extremely convenient if someone invented a belt or something similar to a fanny pack (yet fashionable) that could be worn with dresses of all styles and not look weird. It would need to have a concealed zipper or easily sealable pouch on the inside or outside of the belt for easy, discreet access. The pouch would have to be big enough to hold a woman’s cell phone, credit cards, ID, and one or two tampons or pads, yet it would also have to fit comfortably against her body without making her feel any of those items while she wears it. In other words, it would need a lot of padding. This design is fairly complex, so it probably won’t be designed any time soon, but a girl can dream, right? I know I would buy one if it were a thing! Heck, I’d probably buy all the different styles if they existed.

While there are many other wonderful things that need to be invented in the next ten years, I think these three are some of the best that would at least help us with adding a little bit of convenience to the world around us. Of course, this article is mostly satire, but I do think it would be fun to see some of these things actually get created. So, readers, what do you think are some much-needed inventions that we need to see in the next ten years? Leave your comments below!


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