Getting A Chuckle Out of the Little Things

via Daily Prompt: Chuckle

There are many things that will rouse my coworkers’ sense of humor, but it often seems as though many of the things I say and do are things that cause said chuckling. I don’t mind, it’s just part of life, and if it makes people happy, then that’s awesome!

I want to share with you something hilarious that happened a few days ago. I had been nearing my limits of how long I could hold having to pee, as I’d had to go for a while and hadn’t had the opportunity. Everyone was out of the office, so I couldn’t leave, and customers kept coming up and needing things, and so did sales consultants. Finally, my boss and one other person came back in, and I was so happy to see them, because it meant I could finally take a break and go to the bathroom.

Since I didn’t want to be interrupted again and thus forced to hold my pee any longer, I looked at my boss as soon as she walked in and said, “I have to pee, I’ve had to pee for the last two hours,” then walked out the door without waiting for acknowledgement, and scurried off to the bathroom. Fortunately, the bathroom is just around the corner, so it wasn’t too far of a trip.

Apparently, my boss was left standing in the office wondering what the heck just happened, and one of our buyers was coming around the corner and saw me running to the bathroom. I didn’t even see him, so I must have been in a blind frenzy to get to the bathroom undeterred.

Of course, after having a day off, I come back into work, and everyone in the store has heard the story. My boss printed out a document with clipart from the Animaniacs, and the words “I have a potty emergency!!!” She gave it to me, and I got a chuckle out of it. I jokingly said that I should just hold up that sign the next time I needed to go to the bathroom, then walk out. She agreed. She also said, “but you have to say, ‘I have a potty emergency’ in a British accent.” Then she showed me this clip, which inspired the sign she made for me. I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Everyone in the store had to take turns joking around with me about it, and the story got told at least three more times. In all honesty, I had only said that because I wanted to make it clear that I needed to go to the bathroom before anyone asked me to do anything else, so that was my intent. However, it got taken in a much funnier way, and I’m actually quite glad that I now have something to joke about on an almost daily basis with my coworkers, as I can shout “I have a potty emergency” any time I have to go! 😛


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