Another Invention Idea: Lane Bryant for Small People

This post is one that is coming out of a bit of aggravation/frustration over the last few days. As you may know from one of my previous posts, I got the job that I applied for, and am starting in 13 days. Since I am finally leaving the company that I am at that requires uniforms, I have been going a bit crazy trying to find cute, yet professional outfits that I can wear to this new job. Their atmosphere appears to be business casual, but I still want to look professional.

So, yesterday I started shopping for nice blouses/shirts/blazers/shoes, and I was pretty unsuccessful. First, I went to ShopKo. With how tiny I am, I typically wear a size 2 in dress pants, but I can sometimes be a 3, 4, or 5, depending on whether the designer used even or odd numbering, and depending on the style of the pants. ShopKo had one size two pair of pants, and I couldn’t even get them on. They had no size 4s, so the next biggest size they had from a 2 was a 6. I didn’t even bother trying on a 6, because I knew it would be way too big for me. However, after a bit of perusing, I did manage to find a nice blouse that I can wear to work. It was three-piece, all connected blouse: with a white shirt as the base, a green shrug attached to it, and a nice blue and green scarf attached to that. It looks really nice, and it was marked down from $47 to $17, so I got it, knowing that I was getting a great deal.

When I tried on their (ShopKo’s) shoes, none of the professional flats that I liked fit me properly. Normally, I am a size 9 in shoes, but in dress shoes, I can be an 8, 8 1/2, or 9, just depending on the design of the shoe and whether they run small, large, or true-to-size. Well, the 9s were huge on me, the 8 1/2s were still slipping off the back of my heel, and the 8s were too tight in the toes. Not enjoyable at all. So, after purchasing the shirt, I left ShopKo and went to Target.

Target had two pairs of pants in size 4 that I was willing to try on. The first pair had legs that dragged on the ground, and I knew I would have to hem them, which I don’t have time, desire, or ability to. The second pair had the same issue, but it wasn’t as bad, so I was willing to get them. That was, until I looked at the back of the pants. Despite being black, they were very see-through–to the point that you could tell I was wearing white panties. Needless to say, those would not work for professional purposes. Then, target had one pair of shoes in an 8 that would have worked, but I just didn’t think they would be comfortable long-term, so I just bought some household items that I needed, and then left.

Finally, I made one last stop: Fred Meyer. I was hoping that they would have something that would work for me. Well, the shoes were a complete disappointment. They had no ballet flats whatsoever, and nothing that looked professional, so that was a bust. I then ventured over to their women’s clothing department, and looked for pants. The smallest size they had there was 6, even in the junior’s department. Annoyed and frustrated at this point, I just left.

I have thus come to a conclusion. Stores like Lane Bryant exist exclusively for plus-size women, so why can’t there be a similar store exclusively for petite women? A store that only sold clothes sizes 0-6 would be great. That way, we could still get clothes that looked nice on us, there would be an abundance of styles and sizes to choose from, and we wouldn’t have to worry about the issues I ran into yesterday. However, fashion designers must not recognize that anything smaller than a 6 exists, so that’s frustrating. Maybe one day someone will come up with a Lane Bryant for petite women. We can only hope.


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