Unmoored (A Poem)

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored


A ship, tethered in the night, now adrift at sea.

The sky, a black, brilliant, starry scene unlike anyone has ever seen before.

Hope and determination fills your heart as you glide,

As the ship glides in the night, peacefully sliding along its course

Directionless, yet purposeful, you are going where the wind takes you.

A change of pace is what you seek, perhaps a change of scenery.

There is something beautiful about this night.

Is it the gentle slapping of the waves against the boat,

The churning of the water beneath you,

Or the sound of the wind against the sails?

It is all of that, and more.

For the first time, you are setting your own course.

You’re not sure where you’re going, but you know you’re excited to see

The brand new sights, the brand new faces, the people who are waiting.

Those who have made this journey before you can share their experience,

They can teach you how to navigate the waters when storms swell on the horizon.

Come unmoored and ride adrift on the waves.

Let the wind set your course under the stars.

Relax, and breathe in the smell of the ocean air, feel the wind ruffle your hair.

De-stress, unwind, and just be yourself.

For the first time, dare to do something new.

Take a step out in faith, trust your heart to guide you.

You may be afraid, but if you take the first step you will see,

A great adventure, full of happiness awaits.






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