Noragami: First Impressions

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I don’t generally write about Anime unless they catch my eye or my fancy, but this is one of those anime that I thought I needed to write about for many reasons, as I am really enjoying it so far. Here’s my thoughts on it:

First of all, while I am a Christian and do not worship or recognize any other gods except Yahweh/Jesus, I will say that the general premise of the anime is quite interesting. I think that Yato is more of a goofball wanting to be loved than anything else. His dark past seems to plague him quite a bit, but as he gets closer to Hirori, I have come to believe that he is either falling in love with her or is just so concerned about her that he wants to protect her above all else, which is sweet.

Yukine bothers me. As a person, and as a regalia. I don’t like the fact that he is so selfish that he nearly killed Yato, and I think that he has a lot more of a potential as a regalia than what he is allowing himself to live up to. Still, we are seeing his character develop more and more as we move through season two, so we shall have to see what happens and if he ends up being better towards the end.

I really can’t stand Nora, but I think that there is more to her story than we have learned so far. I hate how manipulative she is, and everything like that, but again, I guess we shall have to see how things pan out. I’m not sure why she has it out for Yato, after she has told him that he can use her. So I don’t get it, but maybe that will be revealed in time.

As for Hiyori, I think that she is probably going to ultimately end up keeping her phantom form. I think that a moment is probably going to come up where she has to choose between her friendship with Yato and her life in the real world, and as sad as it is to say, I hope she chooses her friendship with Yato over the real world. I say this for a few reasons. First, her friends in the real world are just plain rude. Second, I think that as she gets closer to Yato, she’ll do whatever it takes to maintain her friendship with him, no matter what the cost is.

All things considered, I am really loving this anime, and am interested to see how it continues. It’s not one that I would cosplay from or even get on DVD/Blu-Ray, but it is something that is interesting to watch.


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