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Fallout 4 Meets House M.D.

fallout 4

I’m doing my second play-through of Fallout 4. The first time I did it, I played as a woman, as I am a woman, and I made decisions and responded to characters based on how I would personally make decisions or respond. This time around, I’m doing things a little differently, and having a lot of fun with it in the process. I’m playing as Gregory House, from the show, House M.D. I didn’t get the look of the character exactly right, but since I don’t think you can change your character’s looks once you’ve made them, I guess I’m stuck with it. And hey, making him look as realistic as possible is rather challenging. Hugh Laurie has a rather distinctive look that’s hard to replicate, okay? 😉

Motorcycle Details

So of course, I’m having loads of fun on this second play-through, because I get to think with House’s mind, do what he would do, and respond just like he would respond in almost any situation. It’s pretty great. I’ve got his intelligence stats maxed out, and his perception is almost completely maxed out as well. I know I didn’t assign more than three stars for his charisma, as House doesn’t exactly have the best people skills. All the other categories I assigned various degrees of stars on a whim and have been adjusting them as necessary.

Now, since House walks with a cane, I tried to find a cane early on that I could have him walk with at all times. Didn’t work. I got through quite a few quests with an able-bodied House, simply because I couldn’t find anything that would work. At one point, I found a pool cue that I thought I could use as a cane, but this didn’t work out too well. Then, one day, I got lucky, and while bartering with Percy in Diamond City, I came across this little gem (controls shown in picture are for the PC, I am playing on the PS4):

house cane

I immediately set to work modding it with barbs, as I knew this would make a fine weapon for Dr. House. However, I was still disappointed to discover that I couldn’t simply walk with the cane and also have a weapon in one hand. The cane was my weapon. I really liked using the variety of weapons at my disposal in the game, so I didn’t want to just use the cane all the time. Besides, House would be a ranged weapons user, anyway, he wouldn’t just be up close and personal with his adversary and simply use his cane against them.

So this is my challenge. I am working on utilizing various weapons mods, and I like where I’m going with them so far. Part of me wants to keep using the weapons, and the other part of me wants to force House to rely solely on the cane. I’m looking for reader input here: what do you all think I should do? I know that using only his cane would make the game significantly more challenging, and it would make his character even more realistic, but at the same time, there are just some characters that you can’t easily defeat with a cane. Besides that, there aren’t many mods available for the cane, anyway, and it doesn’t do much damage.


Of course, House’s character in-game uses Med-X on occasion, but I like to keep that to a minimum, as I have a bit of a moral issue with this one. Personally, I was more a fan of house when he got off the Vicodin and was clean for two years than when he was ever on it. I want him to find peace and happiness in the game, and to be that which he never got to be in the show: a man who has love, a family, and hope. Seriously, was anyone else mad at Cuddy when she dumped him? I remember shouting at the TV, “No, Cuddy, why? Now he’s going to go back on Vicodin! Why would you do that?” And while I understood her reasons, I also looked at it this way: she knew he was like that when she started dating him, she promised she wouldn’t try to change him, and that she could deal with his personality. Evidently, she couldn’t, and House knew it all along. I was so mad! I wanted them to be happy together, forever! They were so good together!

Anyway, back to the game. I’m trying to avoid using Med-X except when necessary, which is usually only when he gets a broken leg in the game. I want to get him off the Med-X altogether, though, because, as I said, this is the happy version of House’s life, or at least, it’s going to be. So I may get some Addictol, or simply pay a visit to Dr. Sun the next time I am able to, and stop having him use the Med-X altogether.

Fallout 4_20151108210715

Speaking of House’s happiness, I think I might honestly set him up with Piper. Right now, I have Nick traveling with me as my companion because, well, let’s face it, he can really hold his own in combat. Plus, he’s got the lock picking and hacker perks needed to help you get through when in a jam. On the other hand, since I want nothing but the best for House, I may fast travel back to Diamond City, go get Piper, and then talk with her whenever possible, and travel with her as my companion. I would like to see a Piper/House relationship. I think it would be really sweet.

So where am I at in the game right now? Not very far. I just accepted the quest that Jack Cabot gave to me. I have since left Cabot House, and am headed to the asylum that he told me to go to. However, I keep getting attacked by blood bugs and all kinds of other nasties. After my last run-in with super mutants, I decided I should just come back to the game another day. Fortunately, this was a quest that I didn’t even know of on my last play-through, so this is new for me. I’m doing a lot more exploring in the game than I did on my first time around, and I’m trying not to fast travel unless the place I need to get to is really far away and I have already been there, or if I need emergency supplies in a hurry and need to head back to Diamond City. That seems to be my trading post of choice, for some reason.

So friends, what do you think? Does this play-through do justice to the character of House M.D.? What should I do, what should I stop doing? Does using the cane as my sole weapon work, or should I keep using what I already have, and keep modding whenever possible?